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Pedaleando por Luxemburgo


Entrando a Luxemburgo .
Entrando a Luxemburgo .

Abandonabamos Francia , tras nuestra visita a Metz . Fue un día muy fácil en la bici , llano y soleado . Antes de marcharnos de Francia , hicimos la llamada ” Operación Glaciar ” , que consistía en entrar al supermercado y poner la cerveza a enfríar en el congelador . Pasados 15 minutos , recogíamos la cerveza del congelador y disfrutabamos tranquilamente con un poco de comida . Contra más esperabamos , más fría y rica estaba !!

Bonitas vistas , Luxemburgo .
Bonitas vistas , Luxemburgo .

Despues del almuerzo , nos dirigimos a Luxemburgo , un nuevo país durante nuestro viaje en bici . Sólo entrar a Luxemburgo , puedes observar la frontera con gasolineras , licorerías … Un paraíso fiscal , donde lo que manda es el dinero !! Para viajar en bici , un país muy avanzado , con tus carriles bici en todo momento .

Carriles bici , Luxemburgo .
Carriles bici , Luxemburgo .

Pasamos un par de noches en la ciudad , con nuestro host Askender . Un tipo de Marruecos , que estaba viviendo allí .  Nuestro alojamiento era un apartamento de lujo . En Luxemburgo el nivel de vida es muy alto , los precios también lo son . Es una ciudad muy pequeña , lo más bonito fue un parque y las vistas desde el mirador .

Visitando luxemburgo .
Visitando Luxemburgo .

Por el día hicimos turismo y en la tarde pasamos tiempo con Askender y un amigo suyo , tomando el té en casa . Compartiendo experiencias viajeras y preguntando e informándonos sobre Luxemburgo . Una cosa curiosa !! En la ciudad de Luxemburgo , me sorprendió oír hablar portugués , habita una fuerte colonia portuguesa . Me dí cuenta , que  los portugueses trabajaban en los supermercados , Mcdonalds , bares y restaurantes …

Con Gonzalo y Askender , Luxemburgo .
Con Gonzalo y Askender , Luxemburgo .

Luxemburgo es un país muy pequeño . Apenas 500 000 habitantes . Hablan varios idiomas francés , alemán , flamenco … Es uno de los países más ricos del mundo !! Tras pasar un par de días , nos dirigimos rumbo a Bélgica , fue un día muy duro en la bici . Subir y bajar todo el tiempo . La parte positiva eran los paisajes , eran maravillosos !!  También pedalear todo el día en un carril para bicis , cosa impensable en España . Comparando con Francia , país del que veníamos , Luxemburgo es muchísimo más avanzado en todos los sentidos .

Operación Glaciar .
Operación Glaciar .

Cycling Luxembourg


Entrando a Luxemburgo .
Getting to  Luxembourg .

We left France , after visiting Metz . It was very easy day in the bike  , flat and sunny . After leaving France , we did ” Glacier Operation ” , which it means going to the supermarket and put the beer into the freezer to chill it . After 15 minutes , we picked up the beer from the freezer and we enjoyed  with a little food . The more we wait for the beer the colder you get it !!

Bonitas vistas , Luxemburgo .
Great views  , Luxembourg .

After lunch , we headed to Luxembourg , a new country in our bicycle trip . Just going inside Luxembourg , you can tell the border with petrol stations , bottle shops … A fiscal paradise , where the most important is the money !! For traveling by bicycle Luxembourg is a developed country with bicycle ways everywhere .

Carriles bici , Luxemburgo .
Bicycle ways  , Luxembourg .

We spent two nights in the city with our host Askender . A guy from Morocco who was living there . Our apartment was a luxury place . In Luxembourg , stand of living is very high , prices are high too . Its a small city , where the most beautiful was the parks and the views from the view point .

Visitando luxemburgo .
Visiting  Luxembourg .

During the day we were doing touristic thing and in the evening we spent time with Askender and a friend of him . Having tea at home , sharing travel and life experiences ,  asking and getting information about Luxembourg . An interesting thing !! In Luxembourg there is an important Portuguese colony , I was surprised many people were talking Portuguese at the streets . I realized Portuguese people were working in supermarkets , restaurants , Mcdonalds and bars …

Con Gonzalo y Askender , Luxemburgo .
With Gonzalo and  Askender , Luxembourg  .

Luxembourg is very small country , 500 000 people . They speak a few languagues , French , German , Dutch … Its one of the richest countries in the world !! After spending two days , we left on the way to Belgium , it was a long and difficult day in the bicycle . Up and down the whole time . The positive part were the landscape , they were amazing !! Also cycling all day long in the bicycle way , unthinkable in Spain . If I compare with France , where we were coming from , Luxembourg is much more developed country in everything .

Operación Glaciar .
Glacier Operation .

Cycling around Bay Sur Abe , Nancy and Metz

Bay Sur Abe

Durmiendo en una caravana .
Sleeping in a caravan .

From Auxerre , it was a long day in the bicycle . We were cycling many hours to get Bay Sur , finally 145 kilometers . The town is very small , its only two streets . We asked for Marie , our host . She wasnt at home . It was a big surprise for us , her husband was waiting for us , he was from Haiti . It was my first contact with someone from this country . He was talker , fun and happy . He introduced us his sons and he told us that Marie was coming late and we can meet her next day .

Caravana de Marie .
Marie ´s Caravan  .

We slept in a caravan , which they had parked in the garden . It was quiet place and covering from rain and cold . Its much better than pitching the tent , we slept with a couple of mattresses  on the floor . Just waking up , we met Marie , who is a friendly and vegetarian woman . We were having breakfast and great chatting  with her . After that , we left to our next destination : Nancy .

Con Marie y su marido , Bay Sur Abe .
With  Marie and her husband , Bay Sur Abe .

After saying goodbye to Marie and her husband , we cycled the whole day in roads with very little traffic . The way was a continue up and down . Finally , after 100 hard kilometers , which took many hours . We rested in Mcdonalds to check internet and get warm .

Durmiendo en el camino .
Sleeping on the way  .

At night , we pitched the tent in very bad place . It was humed and very cold , plus was a private garden . So we needed to wake up soon . It was freezing and after cycling half an hour , we stopped to get warm . We had to get the sleeping bags , until we got warm again . It was very hard moment !!

Noches Blancas , Nancy .
White Night  , Nancy .

After this bad moment , we cycled until Nancy , where Thierry was waiting for us . His home was really nice , a garden full of plants . Thierry was great host , very friendly and polite . He was very talktative about his hitchhiking travel experiences . He cooked for us a vegetarian dinner and we went out around Nancy . The city was big , so far , we were visiting countryside , so it looked bigger for us . It was Saturday Night , luckily White Night , where all the museums open until late and you can go inside for free . We visited a couple of them and we walked around the city . We pitched the tent in his garden and we rested very good . Thierry prepared great breakfast for everybody , Swiss people , an English guy … After breakfast , we left Nancy on the way to Metz .

Desayunando , Nancy .
Breakfast  , Nancy .

It was a perfect day for riding the bike , flat and short distance , 60 kilometers . In Metz , our host Brahim , was coming ack home at night and he left the keys at his neigboor house . She gave us the keys and we had shower and we left to walk around the city .

Catedral , Metz .
Cathedral , Metz .

Metz was one of the most beautiful cities during the bicycle trip . Plus the day was sunny , we were walking around a couple of hours , taking pictures and enjoying the place . There is a huge Cathedral and really beautiful . You can see a river which cross the Medieval City . At night , we went back home and we waited for brahim , to meet him before sleeping . Brahim was very friendly , cheerful and he can speak some languagues .

Nancy .
Metz .

Next morning , we had breakfast together and he left for working very early . He was amazing host with us !! He let us staying at his home to rest a little bit more and we gave back the keys to his neigboor . He had an amazing hospitality with us !! Even he was busy , he did his best for helping us . After lunch , we left to our next destination , a new country : Luxembourg .

Tandem , con Gonzalo .
Tandem , with Gonzalo .